How to Rename SQL Database using Query and SSMS

Hi everybody , Today one of my friend asked about renaming an SQL database using query .So i thought that it will be very useful to write an article on how to change SQL database back using SQL query and SQL server management Studio.I am going to explain two ways to rename your database in […]

What is the difference between Delete and Truncate in SQL Database

Hi Everybody, When we attend SQL interviews ,we have faced this question many times but many of us don’t have clear idea of differences between Delete and Truncate in SQL Database . Don’t worry ,Here is your answer for SQL Interview question Let us start with a table example Create table Customer ( CustomerID int […]

How to Check SQL Null Values Columns in MS SQL Table

I am going to teach you what is SQL Null Value and I will explain it with an Example Let us Create a table Employee Drop table Employee CREATE TABLE Employee ( EmployeeID int Not Null, EmployeeName Varchar(30) Null, Salary Money ) When we examine above script we will find that EmployeeID – this column […]

How To Install SQL Server 2000 in Windows 64 bit :Step by Step

I am going to install SQL Server 2000 in windows 64 bit Operating System. When you click on SQL Server 2000 downloaded file ,we will get this window Click Next button for extracting files 2.Click Next Button Extracting files is going on ….. After Extracting files,we get this window Then we will get this window […]

How To Install SQL Server 2008 R2:Step by Step

I am going to give a step by step image description how to install SQL Server 2008 R2 in windows Operating Systems. When you click on downloaded file,you will get this window In order to install Sql Server 2008 R2 ,you click on ” Installation ” and Click on ” New Installation or add features […]