How To Execute SQL Query in SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS)

Today we will study to run SQL Script in SQL Server Management Studio.So we will open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) installed in our computer.I will explain How To Open SSMS. You can type SQL Server Management Studio in your computer search box and click on SQL Server Management Studio option as shown in below […]

How To Rename SQL Table Column in SQL Server

Hi friends ,today i am going to explain the use of ” sp_rename “.We can rename table column using ” sp_rename “.Let us understand it with an example Create Table Customer ( CustomerId int, Name Varchar(20), CustomerCity Varchar(20) ) Now i am going to insert values to Customer table using below script Let us check […]

Rename Table in SQL Server Database Using sp_rename

Hi friends, after attending an interview for SQL Developer position,one of my friend asked me a question which he faced at interview .” What is the system stored procedure for rename table in SQL Server database? “.So the answer is ” sp_rename “.Today we are discussing about ” sp_rename “ Let us check ” sp_rename […]

sp_helptrigger How to Find Triggers on a Table in SQL Server Database

Hi friends, ” sp_helptrigger ” is MS SQL Server system stored procedure to find all triggers on a table.I will explain ” sp_helptrigger ” syntax. Database Name : Upsumdiary Table Name : Customer Trigger Name : Cust_OrderDate , Cust_OrderUpdateDate Now let us check all the triggers in Customer table using ” sp_helptrigger ” EXEC sp_helptrigger […]

How To Find Stored Procedure,View and Trigger Definition/Text in SQL Server Database

Hi friends,MS SQL Server has a system stored procedure ” sp_helptext ” to find definition of Stored Procedures ,views and triggers .I will explain how to execute ” sp_helptext ” and it’s syntax in SQL server database Database Name : Upsumdiary Trigger Name : Cust_OrderDate Stored Procedure Name : AllCustomer View Name : CustomerAddress Now […]

How To Find All Triggers Definition In SQL Server Database Using SQL Query

Hi Friends ,today we are going to find all Triggers with it’s definition in SQL Server database.There are multiple options to List all Triggers in a Table or in SQL Server Database.Let Us check our SQL query now Database Name : Upsumdiary Table Name : Customer Trigger Name : Cust_OrderDate , Cust_OrderUpdateDate Now let us […]

How To Make SQL Database Read-Only Status in SQL Server

Hi ,I will explain two options to change SQL database status to READ-ONLY in MS SQL SERVER.We can do it using SQL Server Management Studio and SQL Query . 1. Using SQL Server Management Studio Step 1: Right Click database ” Upsumdiary ” and Click on ” Properties ” option as shown in the below […]

How To Find SQL Server Port Number Using SQL Query

Hi Friends ,Today we are going to find SQL Server port number.By Default SQL Server port number is 1433 for TCP/IP protocol and 1434 for UDP protocol connections. SQL Query To Find SQL Server Port Number When execute the above Query in SQL Server any versions like SQL Server 2008 R2 ,SQL Server 2012,SQL Server […]

How To Start/Stop/Pause/Resume/Restart SQL Server Instance Using SQL Server Configuration Manager

Hi Today we are going to study How to Start ,Stop,Pause ,Resume and Restart SQL Server Instance using SQL Server Configuration Manager .So We will open SQL SERVER CONFIGURATION MANAGER window as shown in the below image When we double click on ” SQL Sever Configuration Manager ” we will see as shown in the […]

How To Start,Stop,Restart,Pause,Resume SQL Server Instance Using SERVICES.MSC

Hi ,Today i am going to show you to start/stop/restart/pause/restart SQL Server instance using SERVICES.MSC .So in order to open services.msc ,I press WINDOWS + R key and type services.msc in open text box I clicked OK buton,Then Services window opened as shown below Now We are going to Start Stop Pause Restart Resume SQL […]