SQL Database Mail Configuration in SQL Server 2008 Step by Step

Hi ,Today i am going to teach you How to enable SQL Database Mail in your SQL Server .I have enabled SQL Database Mail in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 installed on my computer.In all SQL version -SQL Server 2008,SQL Server 2008 R2,SQL Server 2012,SQL Server 2014 ,SQL Server 2016,SQL Server 2017,SQL Database Mail configuration […]

Select @@version How to find SQL Server version installed on my Computer

Hi friends, One day I was planning to install SQL 2014 version in my laptop ,but i found that another version of SQL Server is already running in my laptop.So i decided to check what version of SQL Server is running on my Computer now using SQL Query.That investigation leads me to a beautiful SQL […]

What is Primary Key in SQL

Hi ,today we are going to understand about SQL PRIMARY KEY. Primary Key is a column(s) in SQL Database table. It is SQL constraint which can not be NULL values .Primary Key uniquely identify each row in SQL database table. It must contain unique values . Two rows in a table can not have same […]

SQL Server Configuration Manager not showing in Start Menu

One day,I planned to change SQL Server port number using SQL Server Configuration Manager So i tried to open SQL Server Configuration Manager from Start Menu but i could not find it in Start Menu .it is missing from my laptop’s start menu.So i decided to open it using command prompt. In order to open […]

How To Find IP Address of Laptop/Desktop Computer

Hi ,today we are going to study to find IP address of Personal Computer(PC) /Laptop using command prompt First we have to open RUN window.So please press WINDOWS + R Key to open RUN window ,then you will get RUN window and Please type CMD in Open box as shown in the below picture. Now […]