Alappuzha Beach Directions Attractions Events and Resorts in detail

Alappuzha beach is one of the major tourist attraction in Kerala. Because of it’s natural beauty , Alappuzha is known as Venice of the East .So i am going to give a detailed information about it -How to reach alappuzha beach? , How to get resorts near beach ?, Major attractions and Events and Beach Parks

If you are at Alappuzha Beach now ,please visits Kainakry House Boat terminal can enjoy the Kuttanadan Beauty in Kainakary village .It is only 45 minutes travel from the beach

How to Reach Alappuzha Beach ?

Kerala state road transport corporation (KSRTC) and Private transport buses are available from Alappuzha city to is about 5 Km from alappuzha KSRTC bus stand .if you catch Alappuzha Railway Stataion bus,you can reach beach in 30 minutes .it costs around RS 9.00 per tickets.Private Transport Buses are available from alappuzha boat Jetty. If you prefer Auto taxi from city ,it charges around RS 30.00 .You can reach beach by train also.Alappuzha Railway station is very near to is only just walking distance from Railway Station.

Major Attractions and Events

An old bridge which is constructed around 150 years before attracts many tourists to beach.that old pier remembers alappuzha’s old sea trade  .They will take photos of the bridge and spend time to enjoy it’s beauty .Alappuzha beach is very clean and wide in length.Every day ,especially weekends (Saturday and Sunday) many local people visits beach and spend time with family and friends .There are lot of small shops for fast food and cool gives a better living revenue for shop owners .

1.Alappuzha Beach Festival

As part of New Year celebration , authorities will organize Alappuzha Beach Festival every year.Thousands of local and international tourists will join for the festival and enjoy cultural programs and beauty of alappuzha.

2.Sand Art Festival and competition

Kerala State Tourism Department and Alleppey Foundation jointly organized Sand Art Festival at beach on April 26,2015.Many sand artists from entire world came and participated in the event.these events attract international tourists to alappuzha beach.It was Kerala’s first international  Sand Art Festival

3.Alappuzha Light House

This light house built on 1862  and is one of the major attractions in Arabian sea coast of Kerala.Light House is very near to beach.It’s entry is restricted by tickets.if you are Indian citizen,tickets costs RS 20.00 and for foreigners ,it costs RS 50.00.Tourists are allowed on every weekdays

4. Elevated Highway near Beach

As part of Alappuzha Bypass ,an Elevated Highyway is constructing along the side of the beach .it will provide a nice view of entire beach from the top for all travelers.

5.Sunset View

Best time for visiting beach is between 3.00 PM to 9.00 PM.On weekends ,entire beach is very busy with visitors .Sunset view is beautiful to watch from here So lot of people prefer to stay until sunset.This beach is best for Wedding photography ,Video and music album ,Film making etc .

Alappuzha Beach Parks

if you are planning to stay at beach for entire day with family ,you can visit parks near the beach .these are two parks

  • Vijay Park
  • Sea View Park

there are lot of entertainment activities available in the park for children. Entry to the parks are based on tickets and timings also.

How to get resorts near Alappuzha beach

You can see a lot of small home stays and resorts on beach side which run by locals with low rent.Resorts are available for bachelors and family .So you can stay there for weekends and visits all tourists destinations in alappuzha district.Some resorts provide online booking for rooms from their websites with discount offers or you can book it from online hotels booking websites .

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