An internal error has occurred Remote Desktop Connection not working Error fixed

Hi friends, i got an error message “An internal error has occurred” while connecting windows server 2016 machine from my computer . So as a technical support engineer ,i started to find why remote desktop connection not working in my computer?. When i clicked Connect button ,i got the error message as given below “An […]

The function requested is not supported in windows 7 An Authentication error has occurred RDP fixed

An authentication error has occurred.The function requested is not supported Remote computer counter-1 Hi friends, one day i was trying to connect another computer counter-1 through remote desktop connection Unfortunately i couldn’t connect counter- 1 machine and i got an error as shown below So i started to find the solution and i will explain […]

How To Find IP Address of Laptop/Desktop Computer

Hi ,today we are going to study to find IP address of Personal Computer(PC) /Laptop using command prompt First we have to open RUN window.So please press WINDOWS + R Key to open RUN window ,then you will get RUN window and Please type CMD in Open box as shown in the below picture. Now […]