Kainakary Houseboat Terminal -Alappuzha

This is a terminal point for houseboats in kainakary panchaytah-Village ,alappuzha district of south kerala.Houseboats can park both sides of the terminal.But Kainakary houseboat terminal attracts hundreds of people because of it’s beauty and awesome atmosphere.

Things to do in Kainakary Houseboat Terminal

1.Walkway till mid of Meenappaly Kayal

if you want to enjoy an evening walk with your family, friends… then you are in the right place .This terminal is surrounded by water So you will get a nice view point of entire meenappaly kayal .You can walk through terminal till mid of meenappaly Lake.

2.Floating Platform at end of the terminal

There is a floating platform at end of the house boat terminal .Shops that sell snacks and cold drinks are located near the end of the terminal.Houseboats can dock to the platform and tourists can get snacks from the shops

Alappuzha beach is very near to Kainakary House Boat terminal .Visits beach ,it is only 45 minutes travel from Kainkary.

3.Fishing and Bathing

Many youngsters consider both sides of kainakary houseboat terminal as a best place for bathing in kayal.They will bring fishing equipments.They may spent entire day by bathing and fishing on holidays

4.Sunset View

Best time for visiting the terminal is between 3.00 PM and 6.30 PM.So people can enjoy a beautiful sunset and experience the beauty of meenappaly kayal ,kainakary.They will feel a lovely evening there.

5.Best place for Music,Video and Photography

This houseboat hub is best place for Video making and photo shoot.Many newly married couples visits cite for wedding photography.you will get awesome images of nature

6.Boating Facility

you can reach the houseboat hub on walk .there is also boating facility which runs by local people.If you go for boating you can experience beauty of Kainakary paddy fields and Meenappaly Kayal besides houseboat terminal

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